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Hazard Analysis and Relia

Fixed Price : 200 Posted: 4/18/2012


Description: this assignment form course < Aircraft Maintenance and Airworthiness>



Fixed Price : 0 Posted: 12/30/2011


Description: It needs to do a code by using C++ to solve it due to 2 Jan 2012


Help with Accounting

Fixed Price : 25 Posted: 12/30/2011


Description: Looking for accounting help.


Test Project With Time Sl

Fixed Price : 200 Posted: 12/14/2011


Description: Sed quam sem, cursus nec auctor faucibus, laoreet eget erat. Vivamus erat enim, aliquet ut venenatis non, rutrum ac nisl. Maecenas suscipit, dui quis tincidunt aliquet, lectus lorem tincidunt odio, id sodales mauris quam in orci. Nulla ultricies; massa a vestibulum pharetra, lorem elit malesuada dui, at eleifend libero purus id metus. Praesent a aliquet lectus. Aenean vitae laoreet ipsum? Proin vitae justo non dui ultrices tristique tempor metus.


Arit Hour Project

Hourly Rate Price : 21 Posted: 12/8/2011


Description: Donec eget pellentesque nulla. Aliquam erat volutpat. Ut at mauris at nisi porta volutpat et pellentesque lacus. Aenean vestibulum urna mattis mi cursus ac scelerisque velit dictum. Nulla vehicula interdum nisi ut laoreet. Nullam nec tortor ac sem hendrerit fermentum id quis nulla. Sed faucibus, tellus in ullamcorper interdum, sapien nunc porta nibh, nec imperdiet erat dui lacinia diam. Maecenas suscipit ultricies est. Ut sit amet tellus posuere.


ACCT 201 Help

Fixed Price : 250 Posted: 12/5/2011


Description: I have a final in ACCT 201 (financial accounting) and I need some help with the entries and where each item goes when working out a balance sheet. For example: A gift card is sold for $100 at a retailer. Show the entries. Debit: Cash $100 Credit: Gift Card Liability $100 Debit: ?? Credit: COGS $100 And when it's redeemed: Debit: Gift Card Liability $100 Credit: Revenue $100 Not sure about this one because of the liability associated with gift card and revenue when it's redeemed...


Test from arit

Fixed Price : 25 Posted: 11/16/2011


Description: I have a test coming up in English 415 and I need someone to help me with an analysis of the civil war. I am expected to know 100 topics and the teacher is going to choose 2 for an essay question. I need to have a general idea of these topics to where I can write a 500-750 word essay analyzing the topics. Need help ASAP. Thanks!


Art History


Fixed Price : 50 Posted: 9/28/2011


Description: I need help with my art history class. Help!


Net Present Value Help


Fixed Price : 20 Posted: 9/17/2011


Description: iutoitli


Net Present Value


Fixed Price : 20 Posted: 9/14/2011


Description: I can not understand net present value.


Finance Project


Fixed Price : 75 Posted: 9/14/2011


Description: My teacher wants me to show the three different types of arbitration and I have no idea where to start. There is covered interest arbitrage, triangular arbitrage and volatility arbitrage in the book. I can't even understand how to read it.


Need Help with Plan


Fixed Price : 25 Posted: 8/26/2011


Description: Help.


Help with Geography


Fixed Price : 25 Posted: 8/11/2011


Description: Need someone who got A in this class to help.


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